Modern Calligraphy – New Date!

Modern Calligraphy – New Date!

Join us for a two hour workshop exploring the art of modern calligraphy, hosted by Edlyl, a lettering artist and teacher of nine years.

Sunday 17th March 2023
Rosey Lea, The Squadron

Modern Calligraphy is a fresh take on traditional calligraphy lettering, and allows you to incorporate your own style, making it completely unique.

Using a traditional nib & ink, you will learn the basic techniques of modern calligraphy, from the fine stroke at the beginning of an A to the flourish on the tip of a Z, and by the end of the workshop you will be able to produce a beautiful written piece.

During the workshop, there will be exercises that will help you form letters and create flourished words. You will be inspired to elevate your new writing further and how you can incorporate it with other crafts taking this experience into a new hobby or a start of a business!

Whether you are a beginner or an improver, this class is for you. The workshop includes a personalised kit (practice sheets -a mix of watercolour and heavyweight paper, ink, nib and a pen holder.) along with tea/coffee and pastries from Rosey Lea – the perfect combination! Why not stay for a lovely lunch afterwards watching the planes fly past.

It’s a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a morning to take up a new hobby!

Pre booking required: buy your tickets here!